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Re: [APD] Poem

Paul said:

>The college professor who would call himself smart
>Would try to find the science behind grandma's art. 

But atlas the previous author who lay claim
Only the ability to type with *one finger* but lame
Yet types just fine with poems and wit
Me wonders if they sip shine and are lit?

Dash here-dash there--huge sig view, 
Granny needs some glasses, but who knew?
Certainly the rest of us long since past
Back to the topic of plants and what folks ask

Is it Granny's green thumbs that knowth all?
Or somes notion that led to the fall?
The fall of the myth that is afoot
That swords need substrate ferts is all they took?

Granny Science may help those blind to see
But if blind already, their eyes unfree
To see all sides, not just one their own
Try several methods, water column, dirt and loam.

The view from mountain's top is the same
No matter which path was taken or whince they came
There is more than one way to skin a cattail
So have plants, have fun and have some ale! 

Tom Barr


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