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Re: [APD] Swords and ferts/CO2

Tom is right (in my case at least)...................confession coming.....
I have been a total slacker all spring and summer with ferts in my tanks, no
whining about small swords - it's definitely my fault.   With my monster
sword - which has now gone to the great river in the sky - the variety was
also not considered - and I don't know what it is exactly - it's a
petsmart - "Amazon Sword".   The sand bottomed guppy tank got a spoonful of
ferts when I thought about it and an occasional root tab.  It also gets
descent light from a window.    The devil is in the details....lol.

I spent the past 3 days on tank duty and have cleaned up all 7 tanks - time
to get off the summer slacker schedule!

Like Scott says - have plants, have fun.


> If someone has issues with their swords in a higher tech CO2
> enriched tank, it's because you are not providing good
> CO2/nutrients to these weeds, you might assume you are, but you
> have over looked something. You have confounding factors
> influencing your conclusions.

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