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On 8/10/06, Feddern, Tanya <TFeddern at med_miami.edu> wrote:
> Hi, G.  The tone in your post sounds a bit impolite.  Perhaps you didn't
> realize it, but if you meant to sound snotty, why?  I've found this to
> be an enjoyable, informative forum and am constantly amazed by all the
> info everyone knows about planted tanks.  As an educator and public
> speaker, I know that facts make the point better than rudeness, every
> time.

Gosh, not to state the obvious or anything but George hasn't worn short
pants in a long time.

As an educator and a public speaker -- not, of course, that I would know
anything about that -- you might find that not telling grown adults how to
behave is a successful strategy.

Of course, a little condescension is always fun!  :)

Wow, I feel all better now.  Think I'll go back to cussing Internet Explorer
in every language I know and some I don't. :D

> Liz
> http://pottedliz.home.comcast.net
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