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> Date: Wed, 9 Aug 2006 14:42:22 -0400
> From: Phaylanx at webtv_net (Phaylanx At Chess)
> So swords in a tech tank
> May not grow and look like a plank
> Because they preferr an Amazon bank
> That stinks and is quite dank

Maybe your grandma knows something about little boys but she doesn't know
squat about [high] tech tanks. Perhaps you don't either.

Sword plants of all shapes and sizes LOVE high tech tanks.  Even plants
that are supposed to be dwarfs don't stay small very long - ask Neil
Frank.  We have some of his "dwarf" hybrids (perhaps the ones discussed
recently) and we are continually ripping off 30" leaves from the plants in
our 100 gallon Dupla-style tanks (the tanks are 22" tall with 3" of quartz
gravel with laterite and substrate heating coils).

"May", as in "may not grow", is the operative word here. At least you
hedged your bet. I would hedge my bet by saying they "may" grow too $ at ##&
well, regardless of what you think they prefer.


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