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Re: [APD] glass ghosts of silicone

if you were to examine the surface of glass you would find it
pitted----the silicone and calcium fill in and create these foggy foggy
views--------get some lapidary grit re-polish the glass-----or change
the glass-----few solvents will penetrate these tooth cavity like holes
that cover the surface of the glass------if this were my problem----i
would replace the glass------this i difficult on acrylic and hardened
glass has the hardness of slightly less than 7---7 is quartz-------i
assume your glass has been hardened as most large tanks have bottom and
sides made of hardened glass-----this type of glass is almost impossible
to drill and cut----and will shatter into a 1000 pieces when you
try-------any good glass shop can cut then harden your glass for a new
window into the water world of plants----for those that have read my
enhanced sig---i will try to remember to delete its long message for
some time-----old man ken

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