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Re: [APD] Sword too big

Have you tried mercilessly pruning back to just a few leaves and then continuing to prune outer leaves while new leaves are still small. This is more work than starting with a small plant and stunting it with low nutrients but it's worked for me even with Rubins -- well, until I got tired of the pruning. The results won't necessarily be as nice as a genuinely small sword, but it's might be worth your time and effort to see how it works for you. It's amazing what some swords will tolerate and how adaptive they can be.
Also you can cut away a large portion of roots. I would rather do this with the plant removed but you can do it with the plant in place if the substrate is not so fecund that the cut-away roots will promote rot on the remaining roots.
Swords are among the easiest plants to prune, always working from the outside in, and maybe incanting a cheerful round of "Loves me; loves me not" as you go.
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Since we are on the topic.....

I have a very large sword that is now too big for any of my tanks.   It made
babies and I have several growing as "replacements".   I hate to just pull
it up and dump it...........any ideas?   It's way too hot to even ship.
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