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Re: [APD] Fish Stores in Boston

Uncle Ned's is excellent.  The place is huge and plan a long visit.
My first choice.  Two others I would recommend would be:

Tropic Isle in Framingham
Kind of pricey, but the local Cadillac dealership.  Definitely worth a visit.

All Things Fishy in Marlborough
Excellent used equipment and a very helpful owner.

All three of these routinely get my money!

-Dave Roberts
Hopkinton, MA


> > PJ's Pet Center
> > 180 Main St. Saugus
> >
> > Uncle Ned's Fish Factory
> > http://www.unclenedsfishfactory.com/
> >
> > Skipton's Discount Pet Center
> > 70 Southampton St
> > Roxbury, MA 02118-2711
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