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Re: [APD] Veronica Sword

>From: RMGTBTS at aol_com
>You are saying that this plant's stalk will produce pups more  like a 
>runner rather than actually having flowers then pups?

Once the flower stalk touches down at the bottom, the stalk seems to 
continue to grow horizontally, putting out plants as it goes. However, it 
will produce flowers if it "accidentally" goes out of the water (for 
example, if it gets wrapped around the bulbs.) :-)

>You also mentioned restricting nutrients to control growth.  Is this  also 
>a possibility with the Kleinar Bar and the fact that some people have been 
>disappointed in the large growth when in fact it is just a nutrient 
>limitation that keeps it small and our good ferts, high light CO2 enriched 
>tank spur the growth?

I suspect this may be the case.  Morphology is extremely dependent on 
environmental condition. I have found that my Veronica and Horemanii can 
easily double in size when given ample macro nutrients(compared to 
otherwise healthy nutrient deprived cousins). They seem to have an 
insatiable appetite and great ability to store excess in their leaves and 
probably in the rootstock. They suck up water column macros so fast that it 
can cometimes be hard to grow them in community with small stem plants or 
ephiphytes like Bolbitus, unless the water is fed frequently or maintained 
with relatively high N & P. BTW, such community cultures are good potential 
applications of plant tabs or substrate fertilization (provided that you 
like large swords :)). I have never tried limiting CO2, but feel that is 
not a good strategy because it might encourage algae.

Here are some old pictures of my bonzai versions. 
http://www.mindspring.com/~nfrank/Plants_1999.htm   The Veronica was ~12" 
(30cm) in that picture. My current Veronica which is in the same 125g tank 
which gets twice weekly dosing of N&P its leaves are are twice as wide and 
up to the surface. I have not noticed a relationship between higher N, P 
and more frequent flower stalks


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