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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 36, Issue 5

I wouldn't try to be too hard on him. This kind of thing has happened here before. It's a consequence of not seeing all the consequences of mail lists and mail servers and automated replies and it's the sort of mistake that almost anyone could make.
It's regrettable, annoying, but probably not an intentional act and it doesn't really cost anyone much. Sort of like, iff someone does something rude, like moving air, in public, bringing it to their attention once is usually enough. And it once is not enough, then repition is unlikely to curb them.

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I just keep sending a reply to him for most of them.  I figure by the  
time he gets back to work he will have a lot of nice mail to read.   
(Don't hit the "reply" button though.   Copy his address and mail to  
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