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Re: [APD] Veronica Sword

Thank you kind sir for your info on the Veronica.  I was at the point  of 
trying to coax the bloom stalk to the top but i can now relax and let it  meander 
It is heading toward a fairly open part of the front of the tank so it  
should have room. and i can imagine easily the show It would really make with  
several putting out stalks at once!
Perhaps i have been mistaken before and there were other causes for this  but 
i have had bloom stalks that did not reach the surface that failed to  
produce pups.  You are saying that this plants stalk will produce pups more  like a 
runner rather than actually having flowers then pups?
You also mentioned restricting nutrients to control growth.  Is this  also a 
possibility with the Kleinar Bar and the fact that some people have been  
disappointed in the large growth when in fact it is just a nutrient limitation  
that keeps it small and our good ferts, high light CO2 enriched tank spur the  
thanks again for your info on the plant. it is very attractive and i would  
like to get some pups as i have never seen it offered for sale.
rich green 
milton ma
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