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Re: [APD] Plant Tabs and Bloomstalks

I believe Jerry Baker wrote this email section below:
> Liz Wilhite wrote:
>> I've sold a few photos -- not those photos for sure! -- and am saving for a
>> good digital SLR and a Nikkor macro lens.
> Oh Lord, not a Nikon (says the Canon owner [there is a rivalry in 

I use the KM A2 model myself.
But I'm really a Canon guy... ;-)

> I didn't know there were any serious photographers on the list. Shows 
> you what I know.

I used to take paid photos of Celebs for Marvel Comics does that make me 

I take a lot of fish pics now....


I also have all four of the famous Royal Botanic Gardens of Scotland on my 
doorstep! how lucky am I???

You've probably heard of them.
Kind of like 'a Zoo' for plants!

Stuart Halliday
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