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[APD] Books

Greetings All,

As a newbie to the planted tank arena I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your
posts, however, not having a good basic understanding of the fundamentals
most of the conversations have been over my head. To remedy this I'm looking
for book recommendations.

For my first tank I have a 125 gal I'd like to set-up as an Amazon
(schooling tetras) or Asian (rainbows) using low tech methods, low to med
lighting, and no CO2. Recommendations for books covering this methodology as
well as biotope plant selection, plant ID, and aquascaping would be greatly

I have also considered attending the conference in San
Francisco(fortunately it's drivable). For those that have attended
past conferences:
do they have enough novice information or is it geared to more advanced

All responses are appreciated,



Tempus Edax Rerum
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