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Re: [APD] over so small a thing...bloviating

I'm trying to recall if anyone ever accused Tom of being a  
diplomat?   Nope, can't do it.  But, what he does do is tell us the  
results of his experimenting, his experience, and his studies, plus  
he offers help to even the greenest of new aquatic plant growers.   
So, if people want a diplomat they should be reading the works of  
Kofi Annan, but if they want to grow aquatic plants, it's better to  
read what Tom has to say.  Sometimes rubbing on a good coating of  
skin thickener could be beneficial.

Vaughn H.

On Jul 31, 2006, at 6:36 PM, Terry Barber wrote:

> It seems that certain people consistently have problems with what  
> Tom has to
> say.  Personally, I don't get it.  Don't read em then and Scott is  
> right.
> Tom has done a great service to this hobby.
> Terry Barb

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