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Re: [APD] over so small a thing...bloviating

>>It does not matter if you add KNO3, Buffalo dung to mud and make
mud cubes, it does not matter if you turkey baster it in the
substrate, or use a binder/agar etc to add KNO3 down there or
add it to the water column or use a pre made root tab. Main
thing is to prevent limiting conditions for the plants so they
grow well.<<

Well Tom, out of that big, long winded rant and lecture, this was the only
paragraph that was to the point. You could have rested your fingers by
simply typing this paragraph without all the other bloviating.  This comes
down to exactly what I was saying. Very simply. Fettilizer tablets work. It
is not brain surgery. You can debate until your fingers turn blue what
delivery method of nutrients to plants is the most effective and most
beneficial under whatever circumstances, but it does not change the fact
that substrate fertilization works, and does not present any problems for a
newbie. The world will not end, fish will not die, plants will not die, and
you may not even get overgrown with algae. To infer, suggest, intimate
otherwise is ridiculous.  So if you still have enough energy after all your
bloviating to hit me with your metaphoric mullet, (you still growing a
mullet Tom?) then go right ahead.

Best regards

Robert Hudson

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