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Re: [APD] all in good fun - a disclaimer

> Folks want to use root tabs, fine with me, but I don't want some
> poor unsuspecting newbie to think that they should run out and buy
> them because there is generally some special benefit or advantage
> to using them.

I'll be sure to post a disclaimer next time I mention my usage of seachem or
jobes root tabs.  I haven't jumped on many new bandwagons of dosing,
mainly because my old ways of growing have worked pretty well and I was
merely offering up my experiences.

A newby should come here to learn about the various ways of getting from
point A to point B.  That's what I did a decade ago.  I consider there to be
many ways to grow plants and each has an upside and a downside.  This is
what I consider the APD to be - an encyclopedia on aquatic plants and
related issues.

And as a personal observation, it seems as if we covered the downsides of
mud balls, root tabs and feeder spikes pretty thoroughly.  All nicely
recorded for posterity.  I hope the newbies can use the "search" function.

"Old-school" Chris
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