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Re: [APD] Plant Tabs and Bloomstalks

I had not been using any plant tabs in two tanks that have  some E.  var 
"Kleinar Bar" and "Red Flame". The oldest of the Kleinar Bar had not put out  a 
bloom stalk for over a year and the two others had, while growing nicely had  
not bloomed  for 9 months.  These are in a 135 tank housing some  discus while 
the Red Flame is in a 75 with a large number of Rainbows.  
In early April i disturbed the substrate thoroughly in both tanks replanted  
the swords put plant tabs under them and now have in the last 90 days a total 
of  6 bloomstalks on the four plants and have harvested over 20 pups.
In the 75 there was also a sword that had been sold to me as a "Veronica"  
and which had done basically nothing for a year, putting out a few leaves but  
not really thriving.  It was next to the Kleinar Bar and i moved it to the  75 
and put it next to the Flame.  
Last week it put out a bloom stalk. A really brick red  bloomstalk.
Three questions. One, are swords truly "root feeders"? Two, is the  blooming 
tied to the seasons? Three,  could the spot fertilizing have  prompted the 
production of the bloom stalks, could disturbing and replanting  "woke them up" 
or was i just a little light on the ferts and they needed the  boost? Or 
something else? <grin>
Tanks run co2/3wpg 12 on/off on timers. Water column dosed 2x week   50% WC 
every 5 days on the discus tank and about that on the other. The other 20  
species of plants in the tanks, while growing fine,  did not show any  unusually 
fast or better growth.
Oh, BTW, any info on the "Veronica Sword" would be appreciated.
rich green
milton ma
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