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[APD] At least we had a laugh

Hello Everyone,

                       Special thanks to Vaughn for rising to the bait, I knew I could get some form of humorous response to the turkey baster. Adding tabs to the substrate for the fun of it, for the pure joy of pushing things under the plants, the old now you see it, now you don't? I had hoped someone would question my sanity. Alas, I will chalk it up to your goodness, surely it is only this that prevents you from eviscerating me on the list.

Thanks to Tom Barr for explaining his ( very successful ) methods and theories yet again, for those that are new to the list, or those that have only recently mastered reading.

Personally, I feel that Tom hits the nail on the head when he says

 "Rather than suggesting that the water column is the only way,
something I do not espouse, a mix of both will give you the most
flexibility and the best results."

Surely we can all agree that there are benefits to fertilizing the water column and the substrate. There are countless planted tanks out there, with countless combinations of plants and substrates. The quality and content of water varies in these tanks. The desired look and function of these tanks varies perhaps most of all.

What it boils down to is the fact that if there were only one way to keep planted tanks, there would be no need for this forum. 

The thoughts and experiences of the people on this list, their triumphs and mistakes. This is what we want to read, and exchange ideas about. We are all here to learn, and have a little fun while we do it. I like to throw a little humor out there on occasion, and there are others who do the same.

I keep planted tanks because I enjoy looking at them. I participate in this forum because I enjoy interacting with the people who post here. I also believe that this may be the single greatest resource one can tap for questions about aquatic plants and related topics.

Scott Hieber says it best,  "Have plants, have fun.


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