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Re: [APD] EI Questions

> Date: Sat, 29 Jul 2006 13:10:39 +0100
> From: "Christine Hood" <christine_hood at lineone.net>
> Subject: [APD] EI Questions

> I'm trying to get my head around how and why EI works,

How is easy, you make sure the weeds have enough non limiting
nutrients for growth. Why is easy also. The plants are non
limited, so they grow well.

> to giving it a 
> go. Tom frequently states the importance of having enough
> nutrients in the 
> water, that a deficiency can lead to algae whereas an excess
> is rarely 
> harmful. So if I had a small planted tank with water
> circulating through a 
> large resevoir, both with a good level of nutrients, the
> levels should be 
> stable for longer, yes? 


How do we reconcile this with the also
> often quoted 
> need for a good planting density? What happens if I have just
> a few plants 
> in a large volume of water with the recommended nutrient
> levels?

The reservior is not lighted.
Say like a sump etc.
Chemostats are used like this, the actualy growth chamber is
very small and the reservior adds a small amount continously
back into the chamber and this system recirculates.

The amount assimilated is measured by the amouint of nutrient
loss in the total volume of the system.

These are used in algae experiments.
> Could someone please clarify what units are being used in EI
> when 
> concentrations are given in ppm. As I understand it, ppm can
> refer to v/v 
> w/w w/v or mol/mol.
> Thanks
> Christine

milligrams per liter = ppm.

1 mg/l = 1ppm.

Tom Barr


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