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Re: [APD] amquel plus and nitrates

Eli Moss wrote:
> I've been having troubles with substrate fertilizers leeching nitrates into
> the water collumn.  they are a slow release type that I used in error, and I
> have been steadily suffering high nitrates for months now.  I've lost a few
> fish, but fortunately most have acclimated to the consistently high
> readings.  Usually, they hover around 40-60 ppm.  Apparently, Amquel Plus
> can detoxify nitrates.  This would be a very, very good thing, as the high
> nitrates have been leading to other headaches that I'd be glad to be rid
> of.  Is it as good as it sounds?  Can I just add this stuff and remove
> nitrates?

You might try talking to Kordon directly. They are very good at 
explaining how their products work, and they will give you the chemistry 
behind it if you want to know. I imagine that it's just binding up the 
nitrate in a way that makes it unavailable for other chemical reactions. 
Without breaking the nitrate ion into its constituent components I don't 
think you can "remove" it.

Jerry Baker
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