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Re: [APD] end of discussion on terrestrial plant nutrition

lightning fixes nitrogen at each strike ----this then comes in the rain
and the leaves take it little if any drips to the ground from the
tree---in the AMAZON this is the main source of nitrogen for the
epiphetic plants-----the small amount of bird poop will not cut
it-----the insectvorus plants developed this to a fine art----especially
the pitcher plants-------leaves are the factory where most of the
activity takes place as all sugar is created in them----and O2 is the by
product from  C6H12O6 which is created from water and CO2------mother
nature will always take the easy route to get the job done-----nutrients
at the leaves are used instead of water transport from the
roots-------most water plants use roots for stability first and outher
uses as needed--------brown algae has a hold fast cell whose job is to
hold andhold and hold

(1) Environmental project 

Rehabilitation help needed for 1500 acres in north western TENN

If you read this and have access to;

Catalpa seeds  southern and northern,
Turks head , English , Bur, Chesnut and other white Oak acorns----please
contact as they are needed for a reforestration project

 The nom de plume for the breeder of red,
   blue and other spectaclur Phelsuma, Gonatoda,  Sphaerodactylus and
Lygodactylus --- all of which are day Geckos-------any breeders or
caretakers of these are invited to chat------and trade to expand the
captive gene pool--------the Phelsuma are the most studied--the others
are almost forgotten 


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