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Re: [APD] sword root tabs -- or- Poking at substrates

>>One of the myths I've been badmouthing (but I swear I've been using my
indoor voice) is the myth that it matters much what sand, gravel, etc. one
uses for aquatic gardening. I like Flourite because it's appearance pleases
me; I like some other choices too. I don't like most sands or epoxy coated
gravel because they do not. Aesthetics aside, the claims for substrate
materials seem to get more extravagant and while becoming demonstrable -- I
expect to see ads for them soon with women in bathing suits and just like
car ads.<<

There have for quite some time been multiple choices when it comes to
substrates. More choices is a good thing. 15, 20 years ago laterite was the
only choice. Now there are many choices.  So what?  Each has merit. Nobody
talks much about it any more because the Barr Nation decided all you ever
need to do is add ferts to the water. Thats all good too. But this person
never asked what the best  substrate was or how to make frozen mud pies, he
asked what fertilizer tablet people were using and to suggest fertilizer
tablets are old school or old myths is kinda ridiculous. There are many
different ones still being made and they do exactly what they were made to
do. They work. They are relatiively cheap, easy to use. (how difficult is it
to open a box, take out a tablet, and insert it into the gravel?)  I would
rather do that than spend a lot of time washing, baking, and freezing  mud
pies.  A pack of Jobes is a dollar. Even the cheapest person in the world
can cough up a buck.

Robert Hudson

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