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[APD] root microbes in freshwater ?

All the substrate fertilization talk brings up something I've been wanting to ask:  Do freshwater aquatics have root (rhizosphere) microbe associations?  

In many plants bacteria are partially to fully responsible for bringing in some nutrition to the plant via roots and substrate.  I'm finding with my seagrass that this can factor into success or failure with different tanks.  Some species do fine in 'sterile' situations, most do not.  All seem to do best when a little native bed material (perhaps bringing in microbes) is transplanted with them.  Feeding regimes (like good old PMDD, KNO3 dosing, CO2, etc) are kept as similar as possible without being in an actual lab.  I've also noticed that heat sterilized native bed material performs like 'sterile' sand - not too well.  The literature reports in a few instances root microbe relationships with seagrasses.  

Just curious to know if this relationship also exists with freshwater aquatics, even if it doesnt play a major role.  

Sarah M. Lardizabal 
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