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Re: [APD] sword root tabs

<<I haven't used root tabs in years although I hear they are still sold.
Just throw ferts in the water.<<

LOL, Scott, you really crack me up sometimes.

Seachems Flourish Tabs work well to provide minerals, and has a large amount
of calcium which is good if that is missing from your tank.  NPK, nitrogen,
phosphate, and potassium can be provided with a slow release garden
fertilizer like Jobes Plant sticks, or Aquarium Products Plantabbs. If your
aquarium is less than a year old, then not much nitrogen rich sedimant has
built up yet and a nitrogen source in the substrate will help. Pond tabs may
work OK, but they may be high in P. You can always break them into peices.
You may have other issues like Scott said, light, C02...  My own tablets are
not a signoficant  NPK, but contain laterite, sea kelp as a potassium and
natural hormone source, other natural sources such as fish emulsion, blood
meal... providing over 15 trace minerals,  and the following macros:  .30 N
.170 P 3.0 K  2.0 calcium, 2.50 magnesium.

There are many people who use substrate fertilization as part of a low tech
approach. If you have been doing that and feel comfortable with it, I would
not change.

Robert Hudson

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