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Re: [APD] Sword root tabs

I've used jobe's plant spikes for years.  They makes several kinds and I try
and use the ones for general houseplants - it tend to be a balanced N-P-K,
but the lower the P, the better.  I used them on swords and lotus.  When the
newest leaves that came out were smaller than the 2nd newest leaves, I knew
it was time to put in a new spike.

Cut them in half or into 3rds and push them down near the roots.  Try to
push them deeper to prevent the nutrients from seeping back into the water


> im just worndering what everyone uses for root tabs with their swords,
> i have an ozlot sword that is staying rather small and i think i need to
> add
> nutrients to the substrate to help this one grow.  i can get pond tabs
> from
> candadian tire but they are large and i dont want to overdo the ferts this
> is a slower growing low tech tank.
> James
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