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Re: [APD] sword root tabs

I haven't used root tabs in years although I hear they are still sold. Just throw ferts in the water. No need to put them in the gravel. Swords don't have a preference and the ferts diffuse into the water anyway unless they are in some kind of slow relaease device like clay balls.
You can get some dry chemical ferts from 4500047274. Swords like lots of all macros.
If you want to slowly release ferts, you can put the stuff into clay balls or just add less ferts at a time, over time. If the plants don't look unhealthy, just small, then you'll get the biggest impact from giving them more CO2, although swords will usually take more of whatever you give them. ;-)
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im just worndering what everyone uses for root tabs with their swords,
i have an ozlot sword that is staying rather small and i think i need to add
nutrients to the substrate to help this one grow.  i can get pond tabs from
candadian tire but they are large and i dont want to overdo the ferts this
is a slower growing low tech tank.
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