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Re: [APD] Fw: DIY reflector?

Mark, I built mine out of roof guttering and then also added end pieces. I 
just drilled at the middle of the gutter U-shape in two places for bolting 
clips, or in the end I think I used coat hanger wire on one, in a loop.

I also made tabs on the end araldited to the inside of the end stops so that 
they lodge just inside the tank edge and the end stops rest on the top edge 
of the tank glass, the tabs make a kind of lip so it sits straight and 
doesnt fall in because it is exactly the right length.

I put kitchen foil in it using Prit the glue-stick stuff and kept the foil 
smooth & shiney side up, but sounds like white might be better, I can 
believe it. They have lasted  about 8 years so far.

Another way is to make it oversize and cut slots in the edge of the gutter 
to accept the tank edge, that also stops it moving.


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