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Re: [APD] DIY reflector?

I've cut a thin-walled, 4" PVC pipe in half and used each side to attach to
the sides of a shop-light.  I left the sides open to help with airflow and
heat.  Since you didn't mention the looks of the thing, that's probably what
I'd do.  The white of the PVC will work well enough as a reflector to get
what you need for light.  The extra PVC will help prevent light-spillage
into the rest of the room.

I've also gone a step further and made a reflectors in an "M" shape with the
same two pieces of PVC.  You would probably need to gut the shoplight and
have more DIY work done here to make sure everything works, but it makes for
a quick and dirty reflector.  If you've seen the AH Supply 13 watt
reflectors, that's sort of the end result  (but not faceted).

Hope that helps,
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