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Re: [APD] 29 --> 75, AH Supply

I did the same
thing a few years ago.  I had a 20 gallon tank with a 2 x 36/40/55 watt AH Supply
kit on a reef tank with  2 55 watt bulbs.  I gave up SW and bought another 2 x 55 kit for a 75.  It's not super-high light with 4 x 55 bulbs, just around 3
wpg, but you can certainly grow most anything without trouble.  With the plug-and-play 36 watt bulbs you get about 2 wpg, a nice, lower light level you can use with or without CO2.

Ask the AH Supply guy how to re-wire your ballast for the 36 and 55
watt bulbs.  The 40 watters needed a slightly different wiring set-up than the other two bulbs require.  The 36 and 55 watt bulbs have the same wiring configuration.
Hope that helps, 
Chris> > I've been running a 29 gallon planted tank for about seven years, and need> to move the tank to make way for new carpet. Rather than set up another> 29, I want to make the jump to a bigger tank, and I'm thinking a 75. I> know I need to get a new filter, heater, etc, and I've got a handle on all> that, but I'm having difficulty figuring out what to do about lighting.> > Right now I have 2 40W compact flourescents from AH Supply over the 29 --> well towards the high end of recommended light. I'd like to use them on> the new tank, but I suspect they're not enough.> > Any recommendations?
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