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Re: [APD] Truth in Advertising

IMHO if a publication could reasonably be expected to know that the content  
of an advertisement is questionable as to accuracy then they should not run 
the  ad without investigating the company/individual wanting to purchase the ad. 
And  if that investigation turns up information that the company is not 
reputable,  they don't sell ad space.
And I have a hard time believing that refusal to run the ad would be any  
different than the editor not running a story suggesting that it was ok to put a  
Copperbanded Butterfly in a 10 gallon tank with a box filter, which I 
over-heard  a clerk at a store  actually sell a grandmother buying a birthday  
present for her granddaughter.
A note, this person is operating out of Toronto and doesn''t accept credit  
cards. Hmmm. Wasn't  someone selling things for really good prices,  taking 
orders, not accepting credit cards and never sending out merchandise that  posts 
were made about last year, operating out of Ottawa?  
Velly velly interesting.
rich green
milton ma
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