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Re: [APD] Blooming on demand

you can demand a bloom to bloom when it is ready to bloom-----and you
can adjust the time of ready with a change in the photoperiod-----i had
poinsettias blooming at Easter in Florida----it was not a common
site-----as they bloom with a shorter photoperiod--------but better than
reading what an ad does say------read and think what it does not
say------and then see what kind of a conclusion you are inclined to draw
from the ad---------usually the conclusion you create in your head is
not supported by the ad itself-------the flower blooms on demand---but
how many demands does it take-------and how long before it
responds-----like the old mule that would plow with a whisper in the
ear--------left out of the contract-----you whisper after you hit him on
the head with a fence rail--------the most important fact was not
mentioned in the sale

(1) Environmental project 

Rehabilitation help needed for 1500 acres in north western TENN

If you read this and have access to;

Catalpa seeds  southern and northern,
Turks head , English , Bur, Chesnut and other white Oak acorns----please
contact as they are needed for a reforestration project

 The nom de plume for the breeder of red,
   blue and other spectaclur Phelsuma, Gonatoda,  Sphaerodactylus and
Lygodactylus --- all of which are day Geckos-------any breeders or
caretakers of these are invited to chat------and trade to expand the
captive gene pool--------the Phelsuma are the most studied--the others
are almost forgotten 


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