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Re: [APD] Questionable advertising in Aquarium Fish Magazine

Barry Anderberg wrote:
> I would agree with you but the ad makes a number of false claims.
> Nobody but God can make plants "bloom on demand", let alone make them 
> bloom all year round, or produce scented blossoms.

You have to think like a pessimist. I can make any plant bloom on 
command, but you have to ask what exactly that command is. If I command 
that a California poppy bloom sometime in the early spring, it will do 
so. I can also make some some blooms have fragrance. Witness roses. I 
did that. Don't believe me? Prove I didn't.

Of course I'm being absurd, but you have to look at ads that way. All 
ads. There's no such thing as an honest marketing droid.

Jerry Baker
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