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[APD] Subject: Re: Calcium Nitrate

>Subject: Re: [APD] Calcium Nitrate

>Wow, great info Jerry.. Thanks!  Out of curiosity, what are the values for 
>Calcium Sulfate?


Calcium Sulfate (Natural anhydrite) CaSO4  0.209 gm/100 cc H2O @ 30 C

Calcium Sulfate half hydrate (Plaster of Paris) CaSO4-1/2 H2O  0.3 gm/100 cc 
@ 20 C

Calcium Sulfate dihydrate (CaSO4-2 H2O)  0.241 gm/100 cc H2O @ ? C, 0.222 
gm/100 cc @ 100 C

Calcium Chloride CaCl2 74.5 gm/ 100 cc H2O @ 20 C

Calcium Chloride dihydrate CaCl2-2 H2O  97.7 gm/100 cc H2O @ 0 C, 326 gm/100 
cc @ 60 C

Calcium Chloride hexahydrate CaCl2-6 H2O 279 gm/100 cc @ 0 C, 536 gm/100 cc 
@ 20 C

Calcium Chloride monohydrate CaCl2-1 H2O 76.8 gm/100 cc @0 C, 249 gm/100 cc 
@ 100 C

Pete talked about using calcium nitrate and finding it forms a precipitate 
when mixed with other salts. He is correct. I believe it is called a 
substitution reaction, if I recall correctly. A calcium nitrate solution 
mixed with a magnesium sulphate (Epsom Salts) solution would form calcium 
sulphate with the magnesium and nitrate left as ions in solution as 
magnesium nitrate is soluble in water.

Jerry Smith in Bloomingdale NJ

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