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Re: [APD] Calcium Nitrate

Haven't used CaCO3 myself, but I do use Calcuim Nitrate.  I'd recommend mixing it with water
by itself as I have no problems with it dissolving then, even with a teaspoon amount in a small cup of water.
If however I try and do it with my other chems (mg, phos, potassium etc.) for my tank dose, it
seems to combine/react and just won't dissolve even in a gallon of water.  Any chemists around?.


>Since I have almost non-existent gH (less than 1 degree of measured gH),
>I was thinking of switching from using calcium carbonate to calcium
>nitrate.  CaCO3 takes a fair bit to dissolve in my tank and I don't have
>a local source of the more soluble calcium chloride.
>Has anyone used calcium nitrate in their tanks?  Does it dissolve
>quickly or will it essentially be six of one, half a dozen of the other
>compared to dissolving CaCO3?
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