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Re: [APD] Setting up 75 gal -- Need Light Advice

Vaughn Hopkins wrote:
> I would look at two AH Supply 96 watt kits, assuming the tank is 36"
> long or longer, and you want a high light tank.  Otherwise, three 55
> watt kits would be good for moderate to high light.  The next size AH
> Supply kit is 36 watt, so I assume that's what you have now, and that
> would be very low light for a 75 gallon tank.  Really, it all depends
> on what plants you want to grow and how much work you are willing to
> do to maintain it, plus whether you want pressurized CO2.

Thanks! I've already ordered the 2x96 kit from AHSupply.

Thanks for your input, everyone. I'm still kinda shaky about moving to
such a big tank, but I'm committed now. I can't imagine trying to put that
much light over anything smaller.

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