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Re: [APD] Greg Watson ordering suggestions

On 7/16/06, Steve B <habubak at yahoo_com> wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> Thanks to your wonderful advice and helpfulness, I now have 3-4 UPS
> packages working their way to me with supplies for my planted aquarium I'd
> like to set up.
> I'm ready to order my fertilizer supplies from Greg Watson, but I find his
> site confusing.
> Would anyone care to recommend what I should get in terms of macros,
> micros, iron, etc. for a moderate-to-high-light pressurized-CO2 eco-complete
> substrate 55g tank?

What Vaughn said.  Also pick up a set of Greg's tiny measuring spoons.  For
a 55G start out dosing a half teaspoon KNO3 and the middle of the 3 sizes of
tiny measuring spoons filled with KH2PO4 every other day.  I have CSM + B
and although some people dose that on the "in between" days I only dose that
when I change the water.  At times the iron level of my local water goes to
0 and I occasionally throw in a ltitle of Seachem's Iron suppliment -- maybe
once a month.  I put that in when I see some plants with new growth that is
too "white" looking.

I got the recipe for dosing from Tom, and it has been perfect for my 55G
with 130 watts of light running 13 hours a day. I occasionally add more
KH2PO4 -- the large spoon rather than the middle spoon. I add the extra
PO4 when things are just looking a little "slow" or when I start seeing a
touch of algae.

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