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[APD] diatom bloom?

HI Folks,

I have set up a new tank -- 55G, CO2 at 1 bubble/sec, 130 watts PCF, tank
mostly filled with plants that include a large common sword, bunches of fast
growing stem plants, sagitarria subulata, some blyxa, hydrocotyle, etc.
Nothing really out of the ordinary.  The plants came from tanks in the
house, one of which does have quite a bit of diatom growth on the back.

The sword leaves are getting reddish brown growth on them, as is some of the
blyxa aubertii and one of the bits of slate in the tank.  Plants are showing
new growth.  Some blyxa japonica is not looking so hot, but it doesn't look
like it is dying, either -- more like it is in shock.  I'm doing normal
dosing for a 55G with that level of light -- 1/2 tsp NO3 and a smidge of PO4
every other day with micros added with water changes.  The tank has been
going since 4th of July when it was set up. It has a canister filter that
contains new media mixed with old media from another 55G and water
parameters are close to perfect according to NH3 and NO2 test, fish are
happy and active.  I have moderately hard water that grows plants like

Anything I can or should do about the unwanted growth on the leaves?

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