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[APD] Automatic water changing

While enjoying a nice shower this morning I had a "light bulb"  
moment!  My showers use Delta shower controls, which allow you to  
adjust the water temperature with a little knob, then forevermore the  
water will be at that temperature, no matter if someone else is  
showering, the clothes washing machine being run, a toilet being  
flushed, or anything else.  The only thing that changes that set  
temperature is someone adjusting the water heater setting.  I have  
installed a few of these controls myself so I am  pretty familiar  
with them.

"Light bulb ON"   Why not plumb one of these into the water supply,  
hot and cold, in the garage or where ever the water heater is, run  
the output thru the appropriate piping and valves to the aquarium?   
Then, to add more water to the fish tank, just turn on the "shower" -  
and you get water of the appropriate temperature, automatically.

I am just about off and running on this, but maybe someone has tried  
this already and found flaws in it?  If it will work I am willing to  
thumb my nose at my condo association, drill a hole thru the outside  
wall, run piping so I can drain and refill, all from under the tank,  
using just two valves.

I just  purchased, used, from Craigslist, a 45 gallon Jebo R375 with  
a matching stand, and with a drilled hole in the upper right corner.   
I can put in a permanent drain/refill line thru that - using a slip  
fit inside the tank so I can plug in a substrate vacuum hose for  
substrate cleaning, or a screened drain for routine drains and refills.

I feel like an Oscar winner here!

Vaughn H.
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