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[APD] Limia melanogaster

Is anyone on this list familiar with Limia melanogaster? A pet store in
my area has a tank with a mixed population of guppies and platies, and a
few fish which I believe are Limia melanogaster. One of my books says
they eat algae. My questions are:

Is there a way to positively identify the fish and to distinguish  the
fish, esp. the females from the guppies and platies?
Since they have been mixed with guppies and platies, would they have
hybidized with them? If so would the offspring be fertile?
What kinds of algae would they eat? (My tank currently has hair algae.)
Would they eat some of my plants? (I have Anubias nana, hornwort, and
crypts, and hope to add some others.)

Thanks for any help.

Jim Newville
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