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[APD] hydroponics lights ?

Can you use hypdroponics metal halides to light a planted aquarium ? The Arcadia overhead MH models cost approx 300% more than hydroponics units, are the wrong dimensions or dont have enough power and not worth the markup IMHO.

I have a planted 97cm x 60 x 60 which is currently lit by 3x 160W Mercury vapour lamps (480W). It really needs a bit more, about 600W would do.

Currently using internal ballast bayonet fix MV lamps and they are straight forward and have worked well (5 years and about 3 sets of bulbs) considering the price. One problem is the heat, though the fittings are heat resistant but the cabling deteriorates also I dont like the light quality from an aesthetic view. It is a bit too yellow.

So a cost effective move would be to mount an hydroponics unit in their place. The only issue I can think of is is whether the light wavelengths of a hydroponics bulb would be viable for an aquarium?

Anyone tried it ? Any other recommendations  ? (I am in the UK).

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