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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 35, Issue 9

CO2 breathed in high concentrations can produce a sour taste in the mouth, as if a very weak acid had been produced and tasted.
Guess why!
Of course, impurities from the source of the CO2 can lend other flavors.
If your vendor adds an odor to CO2, I hope he doesn't sell the same gas to keggers and soft drink dispensers ;-)

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From: Madan Subramanian <madans at hathway_com>

On reading your post I disconnected the tubing after the open needle 
valve and checked for the smell, it's still there. My nose still tingles.
The smell is not as pungent as acetylene gas but something similar.
My supplier gives me Medical Grade CO2, do they add an odorous compound 
to the gas so that leakages are quickly detected? Just wondering. They 
do add a compound that gives out a characteristic smell to cooking gas 
here in India, to quickly detect a leak.
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