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Re: [APD] CO2

If you have a high instep, all the more reason to buy a pair of shoes that fit and skip the shoe horn. ;-)
As Rich points out, there is a limited utility to a bubble counter: if you know from other measurements  what CO2 levels you are maintaining when the bubble rate is at a certain number, you can then use that bubble rate as an ersatz measurement for the CO2 level. And it's a quick wat to check if the CO2 is flowing. Each valuate the convenience for her or himself.
If you bubble you CO2 into a canister or other external mixing container (aka "reactor"), a bubble counter would be a useful as a second shoe horn, even if the shoes don't fit. ;-)

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If you have a high instep and buy a pair of new dress shoes you just might  
NEED the shoe horn!  And, if its your first CO2 system you might take a  little 
comfort in being able to SEE the rate of CO2 going into the tank via  the 
bubble counter. Not to say its "necessary" or even that it should be the  only 
means of measuring the amount of CO2.  But a quick glance occasionally  to see 
that the rate is about what it usually is .......... <grin>
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