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Re: [APD] CO2

i would never be caught tempting fate by disagreeing with such minds as  have 
graced us with their expert advise on this topic. <grin>
but IMHO
If you have a high instep and buy a pair of new dress shoes you just might  
NEED the shoe horn!  And, if its your first CO2 system you might take a  little 
comfort in being able to SEE the rate of CO2 going into the tank via  the 
bubble counter. Not to say its "necessary" or even that it should be the  only 
means of measuring the amount of CO2.  But a quick glance occasionally  to see 
that the rate is about what it usually is .......... <grin>
Also, when you do your measurements for the tank include the additional  
height for the regulator. With a bubble counter you need to add a total of 3.5  
I have one tank under my 135 but the other tanks have them sitting beside  
the stand behind a potted plant. 
rich green
milton ma
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