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Re: [APD] CO2 systems

Billionzz at aol_com wrote:
> Here are a couple of things that you don't have to have but they sure  make 
> the hobby a little better for me.
> I have had and still have and us the Clippard needle valves, they work and  
> will run you CO2 system fine but to me they are a real pain to adjust. So if 
> you  have the money I would suggest the B-SS4 needle valve from Swagelok, they  
> are by far more precise and easier to adjust. They have saved me a lot of  
> aggravation.
> Also I always find it comforting to have a 2nd cylinder of CO2 on hand for  
> when your tank goes empty. I have a wife and kids and a lot of times it just 
> not  that easy to take off and have a tank filled right away.
> Again you don't have to have these but they do make the hobby  simpler.
> As far as the CO2 misting goes you can get a limewood airstone and pump  your 
> CO2 into it, then have the fine bubbles from the limewood airstone feed  into 
> a powerhead intake. This will chop the bubbles up even more and  disperse 
> them throughout your tank.  I have my powerhead flowing in to  a black piece of 
> PVC with holes in it that runs along the back of my tank.
> I wouldn't overlook a reactor, it may be that you prefer the tank look  
> without all of the tiny bubbles floating round. I run both at the same time but  
> you don't need to but it also gives you the option to turn the bubbles of if you 
>  are planning on guest and would like your tank to look it's best.
> Bill
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One thing that will make the Clippard valve much easier to use and 
adjust is the addition of a Clippard Low Pressure Regulator.  Total cost 
for the needle valve and LPR is about half the cost of the B-SS4.

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