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Re: [APD] 0 KH

I was adding bicarbonate of soda when I did water changes, but I have  
stopped that.  I don't see a difference in the tank yet, but it has  
been less than a month that I've been doing that.  My tap water runs  
around 2 KH.  I had been trying to achieve the 3-4KH minimum I  
understood to be essential.

Vaughn H.

On Jul 5, 2006, at 7:13 PM, Mark R wrote:

> I would ask, why? Would a difference between 2KH and ~0 KH  
> (absolute zero
> would be difficult to achieve) make much difference to the plants?  
> Not a
> rhetorical question by the way. Does it have more to do with just  
> removing
> carbonates?
> In any case, my plants are doing great with 2 - 3 KH (out of my  
> tap) so
> there is little motivation for me personally to start experimenting.

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