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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 35, Issue 6

Did yo try running at a lower pressure? Sometimes that can help ease the adjustability of the metering valve. Of course, if the pressure is too low, then the metering valve will need to be very open and the regulator will be controling the gas flow, but above that regultator setting, you might find a pressure that works better.
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The reason I don't like the new needle valve on the Milwaukee combo unit is
because it just is not accurate enough. I can have 1 bubble per 3 seconds
coming from the regulator and then move to needle valve adjustor 1 micron,
literally, and have 15 bps coming out of it. I truly believe I would get
better performance from a plastic airline valve, it's that bad. I have an
older unit just like it and that one works fine btw. I didn't replace it
mainly because, once set correctly, you really don't need to move it again.
In my case, the bubble counter is a necessity because of the needle valve's
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