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Re: [APD] CO2 Systems

Again, one has to consider the effect of the flow rate. Fire extinguishers typical are meant to dump lots of CO2 in a very short time, pounds in just few miniutes art most. Gardeners' CO2 otoh, is a miniscule flow rate.
It can be very safe to operate a fire extinguisher in an enclosed house. IN fact, it's the recommend corse of action in certain situations! ;-)

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It's good no one has bothered to find out what really happens once 
liquid CO2 enters the regulator.

I have used CO2 fire-extinguishers on fires, and it's the liquid under 
pressure that is expanding when it emerges out of the hand held nozzle 
of the extinguisher. Not a safe situation with your aquarium and 
enclosed home. . .
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