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Re: [APD] CO2 systems

I'll second the convenience of the B-SS4 valve
You get a lot more turns for the same amount of change in flow as the clippards, which I've also used. The high turn ratio makes it easier to dial in adjustments without overshooting or undershooting.
If you want to go hogwild and price is no objects, get the vernier scale knob option and you can redial precise settings jsut by objserving the dial position:
Not that Swagelocks can be harder to fit. You want the 1/4 inch tube fittings and then order the ferrule and tube inserts for 1/4" tubing
You sometimes find the BSS4s on ebay for a good price.
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Here are a couple of things that you don't have to have but they sure  make 
the hobby a little better for me.

I have had and still have and us the Clippard needle valves, they work and  
will run you CO2 system fine but to me they are a real pain to adjust. So if 
you  have the money I would suggest the B-SS4 needle valve from Swagelok, they  
are by far more precise and easier to adjust. They have saved me a lot of  
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