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Re: [APD] CO2 systems

For safety's sake, you want it situated so that it won't roll away easily or fall over. Otherwise, it might knock into something that it will break or possibly damage its valve or regulator, or at a minimum, knock the flow adjustment out of whack.
If you want to be sure only gas comes out the valve and not liquid CO2 (which would would immediately turn to gas at it passed the valve at the low flow rates used for aquatic gardening), then you need to have the tank upright only enough that the liquid CO2 is not covering the valve opening. Since most CO2 tanks are "filled" only to about half their volume capacity or less, you could have a tank nearly completely on its side and only have gas come out the valve. Some compressed gas tank mobile racks support the tanks at about 45 degrees.
In practice, even when freshly filled, if a tank was raised only a little off its side, only gas would go through the valve.
There was some speculation previously that, if a tank was on its side, liquid CO2 would go into the regulator and freeze it or damage it as it expanded. I don't think anyone tried this to find out if it was true.
There are certain dangers with compressed flammable or highly corrosive gas tanks being operated horizontally and at much higher flow rates that we use for aquatic gardening. 
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>   One thing:
>   Can a CO2 cylinder lay on its side safely, or must it be 
> upright?  If it has to be upright, I'll have to put it next 
> to the aquarium instead of under it.

It has to be upright.  I'm pretty sure this has been debated before
here.  Try searching the archives for more info.
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