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Re: [APD] CO2 systems

Good Morning, Liz!
  I'm worried about hiding a 10 pound tank also, so thank you for the information on how long your 5 pound tank lasts on your 55 gallon.  Also, I don't think I'll be using a pH controller, but I am considering getting an electronic pH tester.  My undergraduate work is in environmental sciences and our profs always talked about "pH pens" to test water nearly instantly... is the controller and the pen the same thing, or are they different? 
  I checked the F&S website for that airstone, but everything I saw was for general aeration.  Do you have a link or an official product name?  I'm not using Dr. F&S anymore because 100% of the orders I've gotten from them have had MAJOR problems in shipping/transit/delivery.  While not technically F&S' fault, I still will be shopping elsewhere, so a product name would be extremely helpful.  Do you use fine airstones to just bubble the Co2 into the tank?  Into a filter?  Into a reactor/diffuser?
  Thanks again for the info!
Cheers & Gig'Em,

Liz Wilhite <satirica at gmail_com> wrote:
  On 7/3/06, bob alston wrote:
> What I wish I knew about co2?
> I guess the big one was told to me but I didn't
> understand: Get the
> largest co2 tank you can fit!!!
> A co2 fill of a 10# tank is often almost the same if
> not actually the
> same cost as for a 5 pound tank. So measure carefully
> if you are going
> to place it under your tank and get at least a 10#
> tank if you can.

Let's see, I pay about $7 - $8 for 5 pounds of CO2. It lasts about 6 months
on a 55 g. I don't have problems hiding the tank, which is butt ugly. I
can get 10 pounds for $9 and the tank is still butt ugly but I have no place
to hide it. Measure very carefully and think about what you want to look at.

I bought a pH meter and used it to regulate CO2. You don't need to use one
although they can be comforting because you have a very good idea what is
going on in the tank. About 6 months later it wasn't even comforting --
just bright green plastic in the way..

Having done a bunch of methods for adding CO2 to the tank, the cheapest
thing I've done works the best -- a fine airstone such as a rena (I have a
large one) or one of the very fine ones now sold by Foster & Smith. These
are short to I have a T in the CO2 line and use 2 of them. I do not worry
about having maximum plant growth, just maximum plant (and fish) health. I
found that doing the gyrations necessary to get "mist" in my tank made
resulted in adding ugly equipment into the tank and made the tank look

> Liz
> http://pottedliz.home.comcast.net
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