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[APD] Singapore Plants

For those interested, I am pleased to announce I have the following plants

Alternanthera reineckii variegated!  BUNCHES

Rotala nanjenshan, a natural hybrid between rotundifolia and wallichii

Rotala pearl or "mini", tiny round leaves with red highlights. Very unique
looking. Great for nano tanks  BUNCHES

Tonina sp, unidentified, but looks like Tonina belem BUNCHES

Ludwigia inclinata var cuba emersed  BUNCHES

Ludwigia brevipes submersed  BUNCHES

Bacopa caroliniana variegated! submersed  BUNCHES

Cryptocoryne albida  BUNDLES

Echinodorus harbich, miniature sword with cup shaped leaves

Echinodorus 'apart' german hybrid

Anubia barteri var nana 'eyes' Eye shaped leaves  Cultivar

Anubias nana petite  Cultivar

Needle leaf Java fern

Vallisneria natans from Australia


I do not ship outside the USA

For a complete list of plants please visit www.aquabotanic.com or ask for an
AB dealer near you, with over 12 dealers across the country and in Alaska
and the Bahamas. For more information about these plants and pictures please
visit www.aquaticplantcentral.com  See my feature article "Hybrids and
Cultivars" in the April issue of Aquarium Fish Magazine.

New flat rate next day shipping, fully guaranteed

Best regards

Robert Hudson
AB's own glass diffusors and Natural Choice RootGrow tabs

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